Mary Stanley
Supplied by J. Hurford

Death of Mrs Mary Stanley April 1920

It is with great regret that we record the death of the Hon. Mrs Mary Stanley, widow of the late Mr E. J. Stanley of Quantock Lodge, who for many years represented the Bridgwater Division in Parliament and who died 13 years ago. The sad event of the passing away of Mrs Stanley occurred on Monday morning at her residence, The Cottage, Over Stowey. The news of her decease will be received with keen regret by all sections of people in Bridgwater and the district, and will create much sorrow throughout the county. The deceased lady had been in a somewhat serious condition for the past month and although she had attained the age of 77 years she had always borne her years remarkably well and therefore the announcement of her death will come as a great surprise. Her decease has removed one of the most gracious and kindhearted ladies in the county. Many will recall the days when the Hon. Mrs Stanley was the charming hostess of Quantock Lodge during her late husbands Parliamentary career and the keen interest she took in all objects that were charitable or tended to promote good influences.

The personal charm of manner, the kindly interest and the great in?uence which she always brought to bear in connection with all good and noble causes will be sadly missed in all directions. She leaves one son Mr E.A. V. Stanley and one daughter Mrs Heathcott Amory to mourn her loss. It will be remembered that the eldest son -Lieutenant H. T. Stanley was killed in action in the South African War.

The late Mrs Mary Dorothy Stanley was the eldest daughter of the late Lord Taunton who as Mr Labouchere ? represented Taunton in Parliament for about 20 years and on one occasion defeated Disraeli who opposed him. Various associations in the county had claimed the interest of the deceased but none more than those associated with the nursing of the sick and suffering and the social welfare of girls. She was president of the County Nursing Association for many years. The Bridgwater Girl's Association was another institiute in which Mrs Stanley showed keen interest. She was instrumental in its being started and was always its president. The Bridgwater Girls Friendly Association also claimed her interest and they always received a kind welcome on their trips toQuantock Lodge.

The death occurred on Monday morning and Mr E.A.V. Stanley and his wife Mrs Amory and the Countess of St. Germans and Mrs Cooke Hurle, who had been a frequent visitor, were present.

The funeral will take place at Over Stowey church on Thursday at 2.15 pm.

FUNERAL: Interment in the family vault with the remains of the first Lord Taunton and Mr E.J. Stanley. Mourners: Mr and Mrs Stanley, (son) Col and Mrs Heathcott Amery (Daughter), Dowager Countess of St. Germans (sister), Earl of St. Germans (nephew), Lord and Lady Wharton, Mt and Mrs Kerr, Mr nd Mrs Cook-Hurle, Nurse Colston and the maids. (Many others see Microfiche)

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