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Gilbert George Burrington

The Bridgwater Mercury 27 May 1908 Supplied by R De Smet

It is with much regret that we have to record the death, which took place early on Friday morning last, of Mr Gilbert George Burrington, who for many years was the genial and highly respected manager of Messrs Fox, Fowler and Co's bank in Bridgwater, and an old esteemed townsman. The deceased gentleman, who was aged fifty five years, had been in ill health for some time past and with a view to regaining his strength recently visited the south of France and Italy. The more congenial the air thereof appeared to effect a beneficial change in his health but on his return his more intimate friends still regarded with serious approbation his condition. There appeared however to be no immediate cause for alarm and as recently as Tuesday last he visited Bridgwater. On Thursday his state of health was disquieting and during the night his condition became so severe that medical aid was speedily summoned, but despite every attention the deceased gentleman lapsed into unconsciousness and early on Friday morning he passed away, the primary cause of death being a haemorrhage of the brain. The intelligence of the passing away of one so universally respected came as a great shock to the townsfolk of Bridgwater in which town the deceased and his family until their comparative recent removal to Burnham had lived practically all their lives.

The deceased gentleman came of an old and well known Bridgwater family being the eldest surviving son of the late Mr Edwin Henry Burrington. The deceased was, in his early career, in the old West of England Bank which was then under the managership of the late Mr John Ford. On Messrs Fox, Fowler and Co. opening a branch of their business in the town in 1878 Mr Burrington was appointed the first manager and he held the position until ill health compelled his retirement.

Under his able and kindly management the bank soon acquired a very extensive connection in Bridgwater, his urbane manner and courteous disposition earning for him the regard of every one with whom he came into contact. The late Mr Burrington was a very keen man of business and was associated with several very important companies whilst he was also a director in the Bridgwater Gas Company. The deceased gentleman never took an active part in public life, but he was ever keenly interested in all that appertained to the welfare of his native place. In politics Mr Burrington was an ardent [word missing] but in this sphere he took no prominent part. Two years ago he was put on the roll of the Borough Magistrates but he declined the honour and never took the qualifying oath as a justice.

Mr Burrington was also a great lover of sport, his favourite game being cricket he was until some years ago a regular player with the Bridgwater Club of which he was for several seasons the captain. To the end his interest in the game never flagged and when ill health compelled him to retire from active participation in the game he remained a warm supporter of the club. He was also an enthusiastic supporter of the Somerset County Cricket Club on the committee of which he formally served and in the season was a frequent attendant at the County Ground at Taunton.

Westfield House, Bridgwater (now demolished)

Mr Burrington married a daughter of the late Mr Edward Bryant, of Wembdon and Mrs Burrington who survives her husband was during her residence at Westfield House Bridgwater prior to their removing to Burnham, associated with numerous good works in the town, notably the District Nursing Association, of which until last year she was one of the honorary secretaries. Her husband also took much interest in the Association and was for several years the honorary treasurer.

The Burringtons of Bridgwater 1902. Back row: Humphrey, Harvey Bird, Dorothy, Francis, Harley, Gilbert (cut-off)
Front row: Edward Bryant, Nell, Gilbert George, Amelia Sue, Aunt Kate

The utmost sympathy is felt in the town with his widow in her bereavement, and also the family of which there are two daughters and five sons living. The eldest daughter is married to Dr. G.W. Harvey Bird of Bridgwater whilst Mrs Edward Trevor (Kate) of Halesleigh Wembdon is a sister of the deceased gentleman.

From the Cricket Correspondent:

Mr Burrington was in former years a good cricketer and took great interest in the Bridgwater Club. When I first became acquainted with the late Mr Burrington it was during his long vice-captaincy of the Bridgwater Club. Mr S.M.J. Woods, the captain, being then a much less frequent player with the club than now.

In conjunction with Mr T Kelway, Mr Burrington had galvanised into new and vigorous life the moribund Bridgwater Club, and incidentally given a fillip to the game in the town and neighbourhood, the effect of which is even now undeniably felt. By his influence and interest he drew to the town teams of high repute, e.g. The Cuckoo Penners, Ishmaelites, South Hants etc. and even two days' matches in the parks were no novelty. Ever keen in the furtherance of the Grand Old Game he introduced to the club many fine cricketeers, and I believe Bridgwater owes the continuous and splendid interest now and for years past manifested in it by Mr S.M.J. Woods almost entirely as Mr Burrington.

In the field he was a keen and genuine sportsman, setting an example of work which his suave and gentlemanly personality rendered difficult to resist. He was a clever exponent of the old underhand lob bowling and I can well remember the respect and even dread - generally justified by results - which his bowling inspired. As a batsman he was sound if not brilliant, while as a fielder to point and cover he had few superiors. Even when advancing years and pressure of business compelled his retirement from active participation in the game his interest in Bridgwater cricket never waned, and right to the end he was an esteemed vice president and active supporter of the club.

The Bridgwater Cricket Club: With sincerest sympathy and deepest regret render their tribute into the broad stream of respectful regard strongly flowing to the memory of one of the best.

The funeral took place this Tuesday afternoon at the Wembdon Road Cemetery, Bridgwater.

Westfield House, © The Blake Museum


The funeral of the late G.G.Burrington, for many years manager of Messrs. Fox, Fowler and Co.'s Bridgwater Bank, took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Wembdon Road Cemetery, and the high esteem in which the deceased was held was evidenced in the large and representative gathering that assembled at the graveside. The body was bought by road from Burnham, and the funeral cortege reached the cemetery gates at three o'clock. The mourners were Mr. Bryant Burrington (son), Mr. Humphrey S. Burrington (son), Mr. Frederick Burrington (brother), Mr. Arthur Burrington (brother), Dr. G.W. Harvey Bird (son-in-law), Mr. Edward Trevor (brother-in-law), and Mr. S.M.J. Woods.

The officiating clergy were the Rev. Dr. A.H. Powell (vicar of St. Mary's) and the Rev. George Trevor (vicar of Combe St. Nicolas, Chard). The inner coffin and outer casket were of unpolished oak, and the inscription on the breastplate was 'Gilbert George Burrington, died May 22nd, 1908, aged 55 years'. Amongst those present at the cemetery were his Worship the Mayor (Councillor F. Wills), Alderman F.C.Foster, J.P., C.C., A;derman H.W.Pollard, J.P., Alderman A. Pearce,J.P., Alderman T.W. Manchip, the Rev. W.M.K. Warren, Dr. W.L. Winterbotham, J.P., Dr. R.H.F. Routh, Dr. Wilberforce Thompson, Dr. C.F. Hawkings (North Petherton), Dr. Campbell (Chilton Polden), Mr. R.Y. Foley, J.P., Mr. George Lovibond, Mr. Gerald Fowler (Taunton), Mr. T. Holt (Burnham), Mr. T. Foster-Barham, Mr. W.S. Akerman (Burnham), Mr. T. Spencer (Burnham), Mr. W.F. Gooding, J.P., Mr. J. Carne Williams, Mr. G. Francis Lovibond, Mr. H.J. Major J.P., Mr. J. Rogers (Bristol), Mr. K.H. Bird (Burnham), Mr. W.T. Baker (Town Clerk), Alderman Wm Thompson and Mr. J.H. Cornish (representing the Bridgwater Gas Company), Mr. T.J. Barton (representing the Bridgwater Cricket Club), Mr. T.M. Reed, Mr. E. Brown, J.P., Mr. E.R. Down (Gillingham), Mr. E.R. Babbage, Mr. C.R. Morris, Mr. J.H.Cann, Mr. C.N Brameld, Mr. George Whitley, Mr. W.H. Tamlyn, Mr. T. Tomlin, Mr. J. Gray, Mr. H.N Steed, Mr F.W.L. Ramsay, Mr. J.C. Nancarrow, Mr. C. Perrens, Mr. E.H. Hooper, Mr. E.J. Colthurst (Thurloxton), Mr. C.E. Hagon (magistrates' clerk), Mr. F. Parr (borough surveyor), Mr. C. Chard (borough treasurer) , Mr. G.A.Barnett (Chief Constable), Mr. H.J. Squibbs, Mr. F.W. Rose, Mr. J.L. Trippe, Mr. C. Taylor, Mr. W.W. Baker, Mr Thomas Scager (Cheltenham), Mr. C. Chilcott, Mr. J.C. Hunt, Mr. Wm Bouchier, Mr. J.H.Waddon, J.P., Mr. George Rowe, Mr. W.G. Jones, Mr. James Culverwell, Mr. T.W. Markham, Mr. W. Edwards, Mr W.H. Smith, Mr. W.J. Culverwell (Durleigh), Mr. A. Good, Mr. W. Brown (Boroughbridge), Mr. J.G. Sully, Mr. E.W.Helps, Mr. T. Barrington, Mr. S. Burridge, Mr. M. Potter, Mr. W. Hickman, and Mr W. Cull.

The floral tributes were numerous and beautiful, and were from the following:- Wreath, in affectionate rememberance, from Polly; cross, from Doll, Bryant, and Hunphrey; wreath, from Nell and Harvey; cross, from the boys in Canada; bunch of lilies of the valley, dear grandpaps with love from Sue; cross with deepest sympathy, from Siddie and Charlie; chaplet, in loving memory, from Dorothy, Beryl and Pertram; wreath, cross and sheaf of lilies, from Mr. and Mrs. E. Trevor; chaplet, from Birdie and Maud; wreath, with love from Roupert; chaplet, in deepest sympathy, from Iram and Alice; wreath, to Bertie in most affectionate remembrance from a very old friend, Allie 'the lord bless thee and keep thee'; cross, with Lionel's and Emily's deepest sympathy; wreath, with much sympathy and affectionate remembrance, from Ernest; cross, with Bertie's deepest sympathy (Mrs. Edgar Bryant, Margary Wood); wreath, with the very kindest of remembrance s, from the staff of Messrs. Fox, Fowler and Co., Bridgwater; wreath, with sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. Akerman; wreath, in affectionate memory, from Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W.L. Ramsay; cricket bat, a tribute of sincere sympathy from the Bridgwater Cricket Club; cross, with deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. Wilberforce Thompson; sheaf of lilies, in kindest remembrance, from Mr. and Mrs. Herbert N. Steed; wreath, from the partners of Fox, Fowler and Co., in token of esteem and sincere regard; sheaf, from Westfield House; cross, with deepest sympathy, from Thomas W. Markham; cross, with deepest sympathy and regret, from Mrs. Harris Tregwynt; wreath, in remembrance, Mr. and Mrs. T. Holt, the Hall, Burnham; wreath, with sincere sympathy, from S. Burridge; wreath, from Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Routh, Malvern House, Bridgwater; wreath, with much sympathy, Colonel and Mrs. Paul Hart; wreath from Mrs. Paramore and E.J. Colthurst, with deepest sympathy; wreath from W.H. and C.N. Brameld, with deepest sympathy; wreath, with sincerest sympathy from Rev. and Mrs. Pryce-Michell; wreath, with deepest sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lysaght, Wellington; sheaf, with much sympathy, from A. Baker and S. Coombs; sheaf, Mr. R.T. Nicholson, Burnham, in sincere rememberance, R.I.P.; wreath, with deepest sympathy and regret from Mr. and Mrs. Lovibond and family, Eastholm, Weston-super-Mare; basket of flowers, Mrs. Bryant; wreath of Lilies, no name.

Mr. W.L. Winterbotham also deposited a bunch of lilies on the coffin after it had been lovered into the grave. The funeral arrangements were carried out under the personal superintendence of Mr. T. Biddick of the firm Messrs. Manchip and Son, High Street, and the carriages were supplied by Messers. Aplin and Son, George Street.

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