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2019 Diary: July

Sunday 7 July 2019

Alan, Rita, Astrid, Andy and Dave (not forgetting Parsley), were working in the cemetery today. Another hot day so we found ourselves jobs in the shade at the top end of the cemetery along the Jam Factory Lane end. Andy went out into the lane and trimmed the branches and brambles from the cemetery that were overhanging into the lane. Alan and Dave started working where they left off last week clearing ground by the bluebell area, this was hard work as the ground was full of rubbish, stones, bottles and even a shoe, plus ivy, bramble and weeds. They were certainly ready for their tea break today!

Astrid and Alan started clearing the ivy which had begun to creep up the wall while Rita was cutting up the branches of Elder that had been cut back. Astrid and Rita then finished cutting back the long grass in the bluebell area. The poppies are now over in the wild flower area and cornflowers are beginning to open, the wild flowers that were planted by the Culliford grave were all out in flower giving a lovely display, although only a very small area. Being out in the sunshine has brought them out nicely.

Sunday 14 July

Another hot sunny day, a day for working in the shade again. Alan, Rita, Andy, Astrid and Dave found themselves under the large trees on the boundaries of Sections M and N and Plans 11 and 12. The branches of the trees here had grown very low and needed trimming back, so Alan with his saw and Astrid Andy and Dave lobbing off the low branches while Rita was picking up and putting in the dumpy bag. They swapped over jobs every so often so they wouldn't get too bored doing the same thing over and over again. It didn't take too long to complete this task so took an early tea break.

Then everyone went over to the wild flower/bluebell area where Alan and Dave got out their mattocks and cleared a bit more of the area they worked on last week. Astrid and Rita filled buckets of water and watered the wild flower plants and discussed new species that were planted last year and names forgotten. So Astrid took photos on her phone to look up when she got home.




Cinnabar tiger moth caterpillar

They all left early today, some to watch the World Cup Cricket Final, Men's Wimbledon Final and the British Grand Prix, others were off to spruce themselves up and go to Blake Gardens for the band concert.

Sunday 21 July

Alan and Rita arrived at the cemetery to see that SDC had been in and cut the grass and emptied about 15 dumpy bags of garden rubbish for us, the cemetery looked really nice. Astrid followed them in carrying 3 more empty dumpy bags. Had a walk around the cemetery and admired the work we had done and also noted all the things that need to be done! Dave having a couple of days holiday so we won't be seeing him today. Andy turned up a bit later. Astrid and Rita trimmed the 'new' hedge a there was quite a bit of new growth sticking out, so that was all cut off and waste put in a new dumpy bag, which when finished took up to Alan who was digging out brambles in the bluebell area. Astrid off out to dinner today so left early, Parsley didn't seem to mind as he was tired after running after his ball and getting his long lead tangled and untangled around the trees. Alan was cutting ivy which was growing up the trees and also cutting off dead branches, Rita and Andy picking up the debris.

Mr Vann came in the cemetery to look at a grave he had restored a few years ago and came and had a chat with us. All home early as we were not feeling very workish today, so had a skive as Dave not there to keep us going.

Wednesday 31st July

Alan, Rita and Andy in the cemetery today to meet Susie and Russell Slocombe from Australia who have come in to visit the Slocombe graves who may be their ancestors. The weather was fine, unlike the day before when it rained all day! We spent a couple of hours in the cemetery having a good look around and pointing out all 19 of the Slocombe graves. Sadly not all had headstones, but photos were taken of those with either a headstone or kerbs. Our visitors then left to have a look around St Marys Church and the town before heading back to Torquay where they are based for a few days before moving on. It was lovely to meet them.

The Rowan Tree in Bloom

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