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2019 Diary: March

Sunday 3 March 2019

Sunday 17 March

Weather forecast sunny with some blustery showers. Alan and Rita confirmed that Andy and Dave were available to come in the cemetery today. Fine Memorial will be in tomorrow (Monday), as agreed the Friends would clean the Rainforth B9 grave of its kerbs and posts so that they can install a new sub-base under the three tiers. After removing the posts and kerbs it could be seen that the sub-base under the three tiers was sound and a new base may not be necessary. Alan to inform Jerry of Fine Memorials of what we found. The cross was missing so a substitute was selected from our stock and placed near the grave for Fine Memorial to work on.

The next grave worked on was the Smith H62, a large cross set on a base that had become loose from its sub-base stone and needed to be cemented back in position, this was soon done. Moving on to the Godby grave L2 a square slab of stone with an inscription. This stone also loose on its base stone, the old cement was chipped off, new cement added and the stone set back in place. With a little cement left over, rather than waste it, it was decided to repair the Greenslade grave N5 where the mower had hit and broken one of the kerbs and moved a post. Just enough cement to put the kerb bits and post back together.

While the boys were working Rita busied herself picking up the twigs and branches that had fallen off in the recent gales.

Monday 18 March

Fine Memorials, who have supported our work since we formed in 2010, were in the cemetery today to work on a number of graves for us.

Here the team are working on the Rainforth memorial, pinning the base back together.

The massive Brice memorial is being heaved up here. In the foreground the Peace memorial has been dismantled in advance of being reassembled.

Friday 22 March

As Rita and Alan would not be available on Sunday, and Astrid informed us the Bluebell bulbs had arrived, we decided with Astrid and Andy to go in today. Fine Memorial had been in earlier in the week and re-erected the Rainforth B 59, Peace B 64 and Brice B 65 memorials. A new landing had been laid for the Laver grave H 11 and the headstone and kerbs had been laid on top loose ready to be cemented and pinned back together.

Alan and Andy's job today were to put back the kerbs and posts in position around the Rainforth grave. Two hours of hard work and a lot of cement, and the job was finally finished. One of the long kerbs was broken in three pieces but they managed to cement them back together.

In the meantime, Astrid and Rita were busy planting 200 English bluebell bulbs in the top corner by Jam Factory Lane above the Paupers area.

As Alan and Andy were near to finishing the Rainforth grave Rita and Astrid walked around the cemetery picking up cans, bottles and other rubbish that had been dumped and thrown over the walls of the cemetery. It was agreed that it had been a productive work session.

Wednesday 27 March

Alan, Andy and Rita in the cemetery today, a lovely hot sunny day. Alan and Andy took the coverings off the Rainforth B59 grave which were protecting the recently cemented kerbs from the rain and frost. They put back the grass turf and earth around the kerbs, gave them a clean before putting stone chipping in the centre of the grave. The block tiers and cross were given a gentle clean. They then moved on to the Peace B 64 grave. Now that the tiers and cross are back up, they decided to sort out the kerbs on this large double grave. Two kerbs had sunk one end, they were levered up and packed level with bricks and then cemented back together. The inside of the grave is earth which was overgrown with grass and weeds. The grass was dug out and the ground levelled. It has to be decided if we lay membrane down and add stone chipping as it will take approximately 15 bags at a cost of £25. While Alan and Andy were busy sorting kerbs, Rita weeded the Goldie B60, Rookley B68 and Rich B 62 graves in between running errands for the boys. All three then went to look around the cemetery to see if they could find a spare end kerb 3 ft long that could be used on the Helps C11 grave, when Rita shouted that she had found a new headstone near Jam Factory Lane wall – great excitement. The headstone was covered with only 3-4mm of earth, a quick brush and the headstone was exposed and photographs taken. The lettering was badly worn and difficult to read, hopefully more details can be found when put the photos are put on the computer. A nice treat to end a good working day.

Postscript. These stone seems to read:
to the Memory of
Elizabeth Golbey or Elizabeth Golby
Who died Dec 17th 1871
Aged 78 years

Sunday 31 March

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