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2019 Diary: November

Friday 8 November

Astrid was passing through and took some pictures of the work Fine Memorials were doing on the Dunsford memorials.

Tuesday 12 November

For the last month the Friends have been hampered by bad weather, rain, rain and more rain!

Alan, Dave and Rita in the cemetery today to finish planting the bucket of daffodils. First they planted a few bulbs between the Kelland and Whitmell children's graves, which had been recently restored.

They then moved on a bit further and planted a few more by the Culliford grave C17 where surprisingly there are still some of the wild flowers still in bloom. Rita & Dave then left Alan behind who saw some large brambles growing out of the hedge and while he chopped them down, they moved up next to the bluebell area and started weeding and clearing the ground: how the weeds have grown since they last came in!

After clearing the area they stopped for a tea break, then Alan dug a hole, Rita planted the bulbs and Dave filled the hole back in - job done! After all the daffodils were planted they planted 50 wild tulips bulbs in the area just below where the daffodils were planted. Yellow Rattle seeds were scattered in the bluebell area. Then packing up the tools they all went over to look at the recently repaired grave where Fine Memorials had re-erected the fallen cross on the Jones grave B 74, it was felt that this would look good with stone chipping in and also the Baker grave next to it - a job for next year. Fine Memorial have also restored and re-erected the broken cross on the Dunsford F11 grave, and started work on the G1 and G16 Dunsford graves. When these have been completed the kerbs will need to be put back and membrane and chipping added. The weather although cold and windy the rain held off until they were on their way home.

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