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2020 Diary: July

Sunday 5th July 2020

Rita, Alan, Astrid and of course Parsley, in the cemetery today, Dave not able to make it, hopefully he will be in next Sunday weather permitting.

It was decided today to repair the Margetts grave N20 as the kerbs were loose and two posts had been knocked out of position. The kerbs and posts were removed, Astrid and Rita cleared the stone chipping away while Alan knocked off the old cement. All went well, a 'dry run' confirmed that the posts and kerbs all fitted together. New cement mixed and the posts and kerbs were soon back in place. The grave is regularly visited be relatives as flowers are often laid on the grave. When next in hopefully they will be pleased with the result of our efforts.

In between helping Alan and Astrid, Rita was tidying her family grave M93/113. With a little time to spare it was decided to take a look at the Dunsford grave G1 restored before lockdown by Fine Memorials. Alan had put in two pad stones to take the kerb stones, it was decided to put in two additional pad stones under the centre of the kerb as they a long and heavy, this will provide extra support. Weather permitting next weeks task will be to fit the kerbs in position and make the grave nice and tidy

Sunday 12th July 2020

A lovely sunny day in the cemetery today with Rita, Alan, Astrid, Parsley and nice to have Dave back fit and well. Alan and Dave concentrated on the Dunsford G16 grave. The two long kerbs and end kerb were slid and cemented back into position. They had to work fast as the cement was drying very quickly due to the heat. The kerbs were removed to enable Fine Memorial to repair and re-erect the headstones.

In the mean time Astrid and Rita were clearing ivy and bramble from the four yew trees in section F which has encroached on the Plowman F24, West F25, Palmer F26, Davey F10 and Miller F9. They filled a dumpy bag of debris and the Plowman grave is now clear of ivy. The Davey and Miller graves are now exposed and work can now take place to sort the kerb stones which are in need of repair.

Alan and Dave next worked on the Dunsford G1 grave and tidied and built up the ground level around the front of the memorial. A lot more earth is required to build up around the G16 Dunsford grave and the Dunsford F11 so that the pathway between the two graves is level and can then be grassed. Rita and Astrid pulled the filled dumpy bag to the area where the debris is stored for collection by SDC, and proceeded to cut up and bag the saplings which were cut down from the Hazel tree at the front of the cemetery. Astrid and Alan took photo's of the work completed, and feeling pleased with the mornings work left for home and a rest!

Sunday 19th July 2020

Rain was forecast for today but that came earlier than expected so by the time Alan & Rita arrived at the cemetery the weather was perfect - not too hot. Dave followed soon after then along came Parsley and Astrid. (Parsley always get here first as he is eager to see us!). The first hour was spent finishing off clearing weeds, nettles and brambles along the hedge at the back of Wembdon Road houses started a few weeks ago. This done the gang made their way back to where they left off last week in section G. The Dunsford G16 is now completed, as mid-week Alan & Rita went to Cannington Quarry and purchased 5 bags of chipping which were placed in the grave. The ground around the grave and pathway had sunk, earth was added to raise the level of the surfaces.

Alan and Dave began work on the Palmer F26 grave, the side kerbs were loose and had been pushed out of position, one post had been completely knocked out, the small headstone had been laid down in the centre of the grave. The weeds and grass were cleared from inside and around the grave, the pad stones were put in place and the kerbs and posts were cemented back into position.

It was decided the headstone would be too expensive to re-erect so would be laid on the top of the kerbs with a slight slope so that the rainwater would run off. This would be done at a later date when the cement holding the kerbs in place has set.

Astrid and Rita worked hard clearing weeds and grass that had accumulated over time in and around the King G2 grave. The concrete slab on the inside of the grave was uncovered and brushed clean, the grave now looking a lot tidier. A holly bush growing behind the headstone was cut back. They also cleared the grass around the Jones G3 grave and also between the Dunsford G16 and Boulting G 17 graves. The gang were well satisfied with there work today.

Sunday 26th July 2020

During the week Alan & Rita went to Cannington Quarry to purchase four bags of stone chippings, these were for the Palmer F26 grave. On Thursday, Alan went to the cemetery, laid black membrane down and put the stone chippings in the grave. The headstone was cleaned and laid on top of the kerbs. Fine Memorial were also in the cemetery, putting the lead letters that were missing on the Laver grave H11 and he made a very nice job of it.

On Sunday, Astrid, Alan and Rita were in the cemetery. Astrid and Rita were working on the Davey F10 grave, digging out the stones and earth laid on the grave, sieving the earth from the stones and replacing the stones back in the grave. The sifted earth was levelled around the Dunsford grave F11. The next task was to sort out the Bowden G30 an overgrown grave with granite kerbs. There was great excitement when they found the missing cross buried deep in the undergrowth in the centre of the grave. More work required here to cement the kerbs back in position and add stone chipping etc. the cross will then be laid back inside the grave. Work also took place on the Miller F9 grave which also has granite kerb stones and is next to the Yew trees in the centre of the cemetery, unfortunately the tree roots have invaded the grave. Work is well under way digging out roots and debris but still more to be done to uncover and release the kerbs. With the threat of rain it was decided they should make their way home.

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