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2020 Diary: June

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Alan and Rita met Astrid at the cemetery today. They were pleased to see that the front gate had been repaired and we can now keep it shut.

SDC had also been in and cut the grass, due to the Coronavirus this was the first cut of the year and they did an excellent job, especially as the grass was so long.

It was nice to meet up with Astrid and Parsley after so long, keeping apart we had a general look around to see what jobs were required once the Friends can get back together again.

We were pleased to see quite a few flowers in the wild flower area which is now beginning to look good.

The branches of the trees by jam factory lane were quite low and as we had brought some loppers we soon had these trimmed back to give a clear view from underneath.

The next task was to pick up the hedge cuttings that had been trimmed by one of the neighbours in Wembdon Road bordering the new hedge as they had begun to get really tall. We said we were grateful for their help and they offered to trim back a bit more.

It was agreed that one of the next tasks would be to dig over the ground where this years wild flowers were going to be planted next to the existing wild flower area.

We need to consider how best to finish off around the three Dunsford graves which had been re-erected by Fine Memorial at the end of last year. Alan brushed the grass clippings covering the pathway on our way out.

Sunday 14th June 2020

The weather forecast said it would be a fine sunny day today, so Alan, Rita and Astrid decided to go into the cemetery. After discovering an old photo that had in the background a view of the Non Conformist chapel, which has since been demolished, Rita wanted to take a photo from the same position across the cemetery to show how things have changed. The Akerman number 4 Plan 6 stood directly in line where the chapel once stood. A large sycamore tree with many off shoots had since grown up blocking the view, so the first job of the day was to cut back the off shoots of the tree so that the Akerman memorial could be seen, after filling two dumpy bags of branches Rita was able to take the photo. While in the area they cleared ivy from nearby graves and cut back a small holly bush that had taken over one of the graves.

It was getting pretty hot, so it was decided to move to the top of the cemetery to work in the shade. Astrid and Rita weeded the wild flower area, which had become overgrown, while Alan with his mattock dug over the ground next to the wild flower area in preparation for planting. This work filled our third dumpy bag and they decided it was time to make their way home.

Sunday 21st June 2020

Hoping the rain would hold off, Alan, Rita, Astrid and Parsley ventured back into the cemetery today. They were delighted to see Keith (one of the neighbours) had trimmed the hedge along the boundary fence, and they thanked his wife when they saw her. Alan with his mattock dug up the nettles and long grass between the path of headstones and hedge and got about half way along. Astrid scattered wild flower seeds in the ground that Alan had turned over last week, while Rita gently raked them into the soil. Astrid and Rita then went back to help Alan by picking up the hedge cuttings. After filling 3 dumpy bags of grass and twigs they decided it was time to go home.

Sunday 28 June 2020

A few short showers of rain during the morning which did not stop Alan, Rita, Astrid and Parsley from working in the cemetery today. Astrid and Rita scattered a few more packets of seeds in the wild flower area, saying they had two chances - to grow - or not!. Alan spent one of his 'ten minutes' working on the Dunsford grave G16 putting in the pad stones in readiness for the kerbs to be put back in position. Dave came in for a chat and said he hoped to be back helping us next week, it was nice to see him. After an hour Alan had finished his work on the Dunsford grave and came to join Rita and Astrid who had continued to clear and clean up around the 'new ' hedge. Two more dumpy bags were filled, they can now see the light at the end of the tunnel - two more session should finish this area.


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