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Research Service

All our Archive Volunteers are enthusiastic amateurs and unfortunately we are not in a position to give opinions or take requests to undertake family or genealogical research on your behalf.

If you become a member of the society all our records are available for you to search at will as part of your annual membership fee. However, if for some reason you are unable to become a member and search our online records for yourself we will undertake the following search for you.

Individual Burial Search

In many cases we can find the location of the grave of a deceased person if they were buried at Wembdon Road Cemetery.

To enable us to do this you must provide all of the following information:
  • The full name of the deceased at death
  • Exact date of death or the Civil registration Quarter on the death certificate
  • Approximate age at death or the age as written on the death certificate
  • Your Email or postal address if within the United Kingdom

Search results vary but if the deceased is found

We will be able to inform you:
We will also be able to provide you:
If a Memorial does not exist:
Sadly, we are unable to locate the graves of paupers but we can provide their age, date of burial, last abode and the name of the officiating clergyman. All Pauper burials automatically took place in the consecrated St. Mary's part of the cemetery irrespective of the religion of the deceased.


Each successful search £10. If we cannot help we will provide whatever information we can for no charge, although we would encourage voluntary donations for the time and effort spent.

All information will be emailed unless requested, if you require your results to be posted, this will incur an additional charge.

Application forms: MS Word document to be filled in electronically and then submitted by email. Pdf format to be filled in by hand, scanned and submitted by email.

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