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Restoring the Anglican Chapel Corner
Started September 2013

The area around the site of the former Anglican Chapel had suffered considerably from waves of vandalism many years ago. General settlement and memorial toppling over the last half century has also taken its toll.

Consequently, this section presented an untidy and shameful mess to anyone entering the cemetery from the Wembdon Road. This shabby scene was bought into sharp focus after the recent marvelous transformation of the white marble Obelisk over the grave of the Smith family. This large monument, one of the oldest in the cemetery, is now pristine after painstaking conservation.

On our limited funds 'The Friends' made the decision to try to restore the surrounding area as a matter of priority, below you can see the transformation.

This has spurred us on to formulate a programme of future works which will be undertaken as funds allow. Any proceeds from the sale of membership are channeled directly into the preservation and maintenance of the cemetery and its archives.

Phase One 2013: before works

The concentration of the works in Phase one are marked in red.

Phase One in Progress

Here Fine Memorials had reassembled the first memorial and the Friends had set about removing the rubble and accumulated rubbish. Two further memorials reassembled by Fine Memorials and the surrounding area tidied, weeded and levelled by the Friends.

New chippings for the memorials were gradually added, although new crosses were still needed.

Phase Two before works

Phase Two in Progress

111-114 before and after

Before and after

Phase Three, 2014

Phase three concentrated in the area marked in blue and furthering the work of phase one in red.

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